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Today we are featuring Caleb Matteis. While relatively new to WordPress and our community, he’s a very active member. Caleb is part of the Organizing Team for WordCamp Montclair, coming in June 2024. In this series, we highlight members of the BlackPress Slack channel who are doing amazing things with WordPress.

What do you do? What are you passionate about?

I’m a Software Engineer at Penske Media Corporation. I’m passionate about helping businesses reach their potential through the web.

How and when did you get started with WordPress?

I got started with WordPress during the Covid-19 pandemic. I came across a meetup for WordPress Montclair and decided to check it out. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

How do you use WordPress?

I use WordPress to solve unique business problems for both entrepreneurs and enterprise companies.

How has the WordPress software or community helped you to grow or helped you accomplish a goal?

WordPress helped me break into the tech industry, and it continues to provide opportunities for me to learn and improve my skills. Two years ago, I was a mailman and had never considered WordPress until I attended those meetups. I found the community to be so welcoming and knowledgeable that I fell in love with PHP and WordPress.

What is something you’d like to do or build with WordPress in the future?

In the future, I’d like to build a tech lifestyle blog that includes a podcast and merchandise. I want to share my journey into tech.

When you were little, what did you want to do when you grew up? Do you still want to do that?

I don’t really remember what I wanted to be when I was younger. There was a time in my young adulthood when I pursued being a music producer. However, I really enjoy what I’m doing now, so I have no plans to change my career at the moment.

What do you like to cook for other people?

I enjoy cooking southern-style mac and cheese for others.

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