Welcome to BlackPress

What can I expect?

Whether you’re transitioning into a career in tech, starting a business, or looking to build your network, the BlackPress Tech Community is a place to feel supported, connected, and informed along your journey.

In the group, you’ll find:

  • Multiple channels focused around things like events, discussions, news, opportunities, and more.
  • Mentorship and the ability to mentor others.
  • Monthly meetup events.
  • Unfiltered conversations and a judgement-free zone.

About BlackPress

The BlackPress community’s goal is to bring more creators of Black African descent into the WordPress Community, and also provide a Community space for those already present to connect, learn from, and support each other. The Meetup group and Slack is open to allies of all kinds who seek to collaborate, support and learn with the community.

One of the founding initiatives for BlackPress was to raise awareness about WordPress, recruit organizers and volunteers, support and develop resources for black-owned small businesses, and eventually host a WordCamp-style event on an HBCU campus.

Download our Media Kit here.

How do I join?

Head on over to our Slack channel here to join.

You can also follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group, or our LinkedIn group.

Keep an eye on our Meetup page to learn when our next event will take place.

Who can join?

We welcome anybody who uses WordPress and identifies as Black, African, African American, Caribbean or any other type of African descent.

What about non-Black friends and allies? We appreciate your support! You are welcome to join, but please keep in mind this Slack is designed to be a safe space for us where our voices can be amplified.

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